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Nx Open Tutorial Apr 08, 2013 · I know its here, I've used it before but can't find it for the life of me. I have several curves that are connected and form a "grid", BUT sometimes one or two aren't connected and the network surface fails. When I accidently found this command in Rhino, it was a life saver, because yo

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I am trying to model a basic engine profile. There is an overall inlet at the front, a hole through the center for the core air and an area hole outside of the core for the bypass air with structure in between the core and bypass holes as well as around the bypass hole. I am struggling to loft cut the area between sketches for the bypass hole.
2017 Product Update #1 May 19, 2017 . As a continued effort to deliver the latest enhancements and improvements of our products, we have officially release our Product Update #1 to 2017 providing valuable improvements to the quality and usability of the application along with many performance improvements. Oct 05, 2017 · In offset distance at end value box, fill 0.25 inches and execute the command after reversing the direction of Extrude. Create a new sketch over following face of the model and draw a circle coincident with the sketch origin next apply a dimension D here. Exit from the sketching mode and Extrude this sketch up to 2 inches.

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between the observer and the object and is perpendicular to the parallel lines of sight. The orthographic projection technique can produce either pictorial drawings that show all three dimensions of an object in one view or multiviews that show only two dimensions of an object in a single view. (Figure 8.6) 8.2 MULTIVIEW PROJECTION PLANES
Loft surface using two guide curves. Ken Youssefi. ME Dept. Surface Modeling in SW- Boundary Surface Four curves defining the boundary of the surface, Coons surface Make sure all curves are intersecting, then select curves for directions 1 and 2 Sketch5, Direction 1. Sketch1, Direction 2. Sketch2, Direction 2. Open loop 3D sketch, Direction 1 ... 1.Propeller Procedure: Select the right plane and sketch as shown and revolve it. Select the top plane and draw a rectangle and give dimensions as shown. Make a reference plane by selecting the top plane and give a distance of 360mm and sketch a rectangle on that plane and provide dimensions as shown. and then apply…

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NX 12 What´s new - Part 3 Display of Vector Directions & Enhancements in Flattening and Forming NX 12 offers you a solution with a unique, scalable, multidisciplinary platform. It combines electrical, mechanical and control systems through tight integration with Mentor Graphics, Capital Harness and Xpedition.
Mar 13, 2020 · Autodesk Inventor users are familiar with its typical workflow – sketch out product details in 2D on their corresponding planes and then extrude and refine the details into a 3D model. With the first part of this process, it is not uncommon for users to import external reference files of 2D sketches and schematics and use those as jump-off ... Use this command to join a chain of curves and/or edges into either a Join Curve feature or an unassociative B-spline.. Join Curve feature. Create a feature when you want to maintain associativity between the original curves and the output spline. You can control the shape of the feature only by editing the original curves.

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Find information on different methodologies, from Six Sigma, to Agile and much more. Find step-by-step tutorials that walk project managers through Pareto chart creation, work breakdown structures, popular PM products, and much more.
NX 11 For Beginners introduces you to the basics of NX 11 by using step-by-step instructions. You begin with brief introduction to NX 11 and the User Interface, ribbon, environments, commands, and various options. Within a short time, you will learn to create 2D sketches that form the basis for 3D models. Warning: As you see in the image the lines seem equal but their dimensions are different. These problems occur because of the sketch creation from different views. The views scaling factors are different. For example, the view scale is 1:2. If you draw a 10mm line in this view, This line will see in the drawing as 5mm.

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Click Top Plane and click on Sketch. 3. Click Circle, sketch a circle start at origin. Click Smart Dimension, click on circle and set dimension to 1 in. 4. Exit sketch. 5. Click Top Plane and click Features > Reference Geometry > Plane. Set distance to 1 in apart, set # to 2 and OK.
Sketches that you create from within commands like Variational Sweep, Extrude, or Revolve are internal sketches. Use an internal sketch when you want to associate the sketch with only one feature. Sketches you create independently using the Sketch command are external sketches, and are visible and accessible from anywhere within a part. Use an external sketch to keep the sketch visible and ...Dec 01, 2017 · Finish the sketch and activate the ‘Extrude’ command. Select the sketch profile, click ‘Cut’ option and select ‘Symmetric’ option, select ‘Through all’ option and Click OK. Change the name of Extrusion as ‘ptangle’. Add the parameters ‘lip relief angle’ and ‘lip clearance angle’ and finally set the angle values.

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In document classification each document has to be converted from full text to a document vector.

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- Extrude - creating extruded features from flat sketches - Revolve - creating revolved features from flat sketches - Sweeps - creating swept features from a set of sketches *JW Lofts - creating lofted features from a set of sketches *JF Helix/Spiral - most commonly used for making springs Text editing - Creating features by editing text
The A1 exchange from NX to CATIA faces the issue of unsupported geometry type as in Fig. 12. As a result, there is a loss of constraint in the process of translation. In NX, the coincidence constraint references circular edges, whereas CATIA applies coincidence constraint between two cylindrical faces.